Thanksgiving is a time for sharing and expressing gratitude. We wish you and all of your loved ones a Healthy and Happy Thanksgiving!

Here are some tips to make this holiday a healthy and fun one:

1. Be active – walk, run, swim, and dance khigga!
2. Use healthy ingredients – ease up on the rice :).
3. Portion control – you don’t need to eat the whole turkey and the pot of dolma.
4. Eat slow by talking more. Get to know Nana!
5. Have food coma? Download Assyrian ABCs and Ishtar Games.
6. Express gratitude to a loved one. Tell them why you’re thankful.

See, we’ll do the same by starting with #6. We’re thankful for you. It’s your encouragement and support that keeps us going. Just last week, a father approached us and told us a cute story about his 4 year old son playing with Ishtar Games. The kid asks a lot of questions to his father, especially at night. On this one night, he curiously asks his father, “Bab, what will happen when I jump to the very top?”, referring to a jumping mini game in the Ishtar Games app. We won’t share the father’s response, but it’s those shared experiences that we are really thankful for!

So what does happen at the top? …. Well you’ll just have to find out for yourself 🙂

All the best,
Sargon and Paul Benjamin