New features added to assyrian dictionary

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Auto complete is now in the English to Assyrian dictionary  

The Significance of Assyrian-American Convention by Ninos Youkhana

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Ninos Youkhana published an intriguing LinkedIn post on the Assyrian struggle and how attendance "at the Assyrian Convention is a statement to our presence in American cities". Check out his article on LinkedIn

A Sailor went to Sea

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Children's philanthropist and Assyrian author, Shameran Hanna, combines classic storytelling with modern illustration, creating an adventurous tale about courage, wisdom and the pursuit of happiness through gratitude. This book is dedicated to Assyrians in Iraq [...]

Assyrian iOS app update awaiting review by Apple

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We're excited to announce yet another improved version of the iOS Assyrian App! Get ready for Version 4.5.6 which should be live by Monday April 25 with these fantastic updates: Improved notifications for public messages [...]

Give the gift of language this holiday season for 99 cents

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THE Assyrian App will always remain free.  Our paid apps and games are now all 99 cents for the month of December. Assyrian ABCs, Ishtar Games, and Sahra Moon Story are all 99 cents on [...]

Interview on the Romil Show Season 1 Episode 2

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We got interviewed on The Romil Show on ANB Satellite TV. The show will be aired Friday November 27, 2015 at 7pm on ANB Satellite TV. The night show is revolutionary for our community, [...]

Actually, there’s an app for that

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The latest version of the Assyrian App for android and iphone are jam packed with dynamic and useful features. Is there an Assyrian app? Is there a mobile app to read the latest Assyrian news? [...]

Private and Group Messaging coming to Android Assyrian App

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User profiles, private and group messaging coming this week to the Assyrian app on Android.  The features have been live on the iPhone version of the app for 2 months and have been a big [...]

Assyrian App Giveaway!

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Merry Christmas! ('eedha breekhah' / 'edho breekho') Santa told us you've been good this year, so we want to give you a free Assyrian app to put on your new phone and tablet! The spirit [...]


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In support of other organizations driving positive impacts for the Assyrian community, we want to let you know of AND challenge you to complete the #SyriacChallenge created by the Assyrian Chaldean Syriac Student Union - [...]