Assyrian, Chaldean & Syriac Business Ads


Local Advertising

Ever wonder how to connect with the Assyrian community? With the Assyrian app, you will be able to directly target and reach new customers across our network of 100,000+ users.


  • Website only listing
  • Logo, Description and Location
  • Contact Information

Presence on Mobile and Desktop Devices

Ever wonder if there is an Assyrian business near you? Your business will be promoted to users near your location. Advertising in the #1 Assyrian app and website, your business will attract Assyrian customers!


  • Basic Features +
  • Mobile App Listing
  • Weblinks

Platinum Placement

Do you have a platinum business? Your business will be featured in the Assyrian app, Places website AND customers will have access to your Facebook and Twitter pages. Space is limited for featured listings.


  • Premium Features +
  • Featured Web Listing
  • Social Media Links

How to add your business to the Assyrian app?