Sargon Benjamin
Sargon BenjaminFounder Base 2 Apps
One of the top engineers in the Silicon Valley, Sargon’s mobile application and QA automation development work has been featured by Google, Apple, AT&T, Verizon, T Mobile and many other fortune 500 companies.

Masters Degree in Software Engineering from Santa Clara University.

When Sargon is not competing in Spartan races, he enjoys anything Assyrian and traveling. He recently traveled to villages in parts of Atra, primarily what is now Southeast Turkey.

Michael Alexan Younan, known as Mishaeil
Michael Alexan Younan, known as MishaeilMentor, Voice Over and Translator
Michael Alexan Younan is an Assyrian who has dedicated many years to the education and preservation of the Assyrian language. His book “The Book of My Language (Assyrian)” and his teachings have taught many generations of Assyrians since 1983. “Our Assyrian language is the symbol of our entity. We must keep it alive.”
Paul Benjamin
Paul BenjaminFounder Base 2 Apps
Human rights advocate, techie, triathlete

A UCLA graduate and a tech start-up founder, Paul’s work has been recognized and featured by tech giants (Google, Motorola, Verizon, At&t, T-Mobile, and others) around the world for his company’s platform of applications centered around the founding principle: “social mobile for social good”.

Paul is a first generation Assyrian-American. Assyrians are a diaspora community with original roots in the middle east.

Sharokina Danipour
Sharokina DanipourTranslator and Voice Overs
A UCLA graduate, Sharokina has pursued a career in Fashion and Design. She is currently a student at Paul Mitchell.

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