iOS8 brings with it many new and exciting features.  It also totally breaks the Assyrian App.  Fear not Android users as this doesn’t affect you at all.  It only affects Assyrian App users on iOS8. Also, this DOES NOT impact our other apps like Sahra Moon Story, Assyrian ABCs, and Ishtar Games.  They continue to run smoothly on iOS8.  This only affects the Assyrian App.

What’s this mean to you if you’re on iOS8? Well there’s bad news and good news.

Bad news: Sorry… The Assyrian App will have limited working functionality due to changes in iOS8 that cause the app to crash.

Good news: With pain sometimes comes change.  We’re TOTALLY changing the Assyrian App on iOS.  It will have all the features you’ve come to enjoy and will be revamped with a fresh new look.  The dynamic news feature is pretty sweet and so are a couple other treats we’ve included in the app.  Timeline is early December 2014 (1 month from now).

Thanks for your patience – trust me, it will totally be worth it!