Project Description

Who are the Assyrians?

This independent app is fun, informative, educational, and down right exciting! Enjoy the proverbs and sayings that have passed down countless generations and feel free to dance ‘Resh Khigga’ while holding your phone :).

*Assyrians are known for their proverbs….shake your phone and get new ones. Then share them to your social networks: Facebook, Twitter, MMS, Email and More!
*No need for a ‘yalikhta’ (handkerchief) anymore…tap the ‘Khigga’ icon to get the party started!
*“What’s an Assyrian?”
-We created the A-Card to teach you and your friends what an Assyrian is in less than 5 seconds!
*“Where are the Assyrian businesses around me?”
-We created an Around Me feature to give you that information
*Events section to keep you up to date with the latest Assyrian Event Information
*‘Assyrian Causes’ for you to connect with the charitable side of the community
*News section that dynamically pulls articles from different sources on topics ranging from social to cultural
*Learn the Assyrian alphabet.
*Artwork and photos of Assyrian artifacts
*Learn how to shimmy and shake to the popular Assyrian dances

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