Project Description

Jump, scamp, scadootle and play your way to the top of the Assyrian Ishtar Gate!

With three Assyrian games in one, kids will have a blast building their Assyrian Neo-Aramaic vocabulary while playing in the Ishtar Games!

Do you know the Assyrian words for the colors pink and orange?
Jam on the Assyrian piano to learn!

Do you know the Assyrian words for turtle and horse?
Travel to distant and exotic locations in the app to discover!

Have you ever seen what a hip Assyrian penguin looks like?
Play Weebull to find out!

Hint: Make sure to earn your coins to unlock new features and assyrian characters!

*3 educational mini games (color piano, animal detective, and sky jumper) all geared towards learning neo-aramaic
*8 color piano keys with configurable instruments, background music tracks, and special effects. All 8 color keys come to life with spellings and Neo-Aramaic voice overs
*5 animal scenes (jungle, drought, farm, desert, underwater ocean) with spellings and fun voice overs when dragging animal stickers into place
*3 unlock-able characters to jump with in the exciting Weebull the Winged Bull sky jumping game
*Earn coins by learning in the app and then use those coins to unlock special features

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