Project Description

Sahra Moon Story – an illustrated children’s story by Romil Benyamino. Take a journey into the wilderness to discover animals and magic of the night. Moon, an interactive Assyrian Children’s book, is a colorful way to build Assyrian reading skills. On their way to dreamland, readers will enjoy rich illustrations, read-along narration, and interactive animals while learning their names and spelling in one of the world’s oldest languages.

You and your children are one tap away from catching the Moon and even waking up a “Diba” – Assyrian for Bear!

Don’t forget, read from right to left as Assyrians do.

What Parents and Kids are saying:
“Thank you for the audio version of your book; it’s really awesome! My children are Assyrian speakers and will totally enjoy hearing another voice tell a story to them in Assyrian. It has been a struggle translating English children’s books to my kids. I have to often dig for Assyrian vocabulary that compares to the English translation of the book. Now, I don’t have to do that.” — Patricia
“All I can say , CHEBO, brilliant work. Please continue doing this in the future.” — Ashoor
“My four year old cousin said he loves Sahra Moon Story” — Sabrina

* Assyrian Neo-Aramaic text and voice overs for correct reading and pronunciation
* Over 20 different plants and animals
* Written in traditional Assyrian verse
* English translations
* Interactive and fun
* Educational mini-games
* Read from right to left teaching your children proper Assyrian Neo-Aramaic reading techniques
* Anyone studying other Semitic languages such as Assyrian Neo-Aramaic, Chaldean, Suryoyo, Hebrew and Arabic will also enjoy this app.
* Don’t miss the soundboard at the end of the story. Tap on the the animals to hear what they are called in Assyrian Neo-Aramaic.
* Moon Story is directly based off of a popular Assyrian children’s book written by Romil Benyamino and illustrated by Victor Benyamino.

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