Michael Younan

Michael Alexan Younan (known as Mishaeil)

About the Author:

Michael Alexan Younan, known as Mishaeil

Mishaeil is the son of Alexan Younan and Yasmeh Chaikho. He was born in Khabour region in the northeastern (in what is modern-day Syria). At age of 4, his parents moved to Beirut, Lebanon.

In 1962 he graduated from Ecole des arts et métiers de Sanayeh  in Beirut, Lebanon, (Brevet Professional )  in Architectural preliminary design and drafting.

He is educated in Assyrian, English, French and Arabic languages.

In 1979 he came  to USA and resided in Chicago. In 1980, he moved to San Jose, California.    In 1982 he has studied Architectural preliminary design and construction details, at West Valley College, Saratoga, California.  In 1993 he has also studied Political Science for one year, at San Jose City College. He worked in an Architectural Co. in Milpitas, California since 1983 and retired in 2011.

He taught the Assyrian language since 1983 in San Jose at  Mar Narsai Malpana School of Mar Yosip Parish, of the Assyrian Church of the East,  and was the Principal of the school until 2014. He has also taught the Assyrian language at Assyrian American Association of San Jose (Shotapouta).

He is the author of the Assyrian language teaching book entitled the book of my language (Assyrian) printed in 1989. He was editor and art work designer of Assyrian Star Magazine of the Assyrian American National Federation, from 1987 to 1989.

He has served in the Assyrian American Association of San Jose (Shotapouta) since 1980 as Secretary, Assyrian language teacher, Education Committee, Constitution and By-Laws Committee and in Board of Advisors.

Mishaeil, a proud Assyrian, devotes his time to teaching and promoting the Assyrian language, culture and history.

Teaching and promoting the Assyrian language, Culture and History



Over 25+ years teaching
  1. The Book of My Language “Assyrian”
  2. Assyrian Historical Names for Male and Female
  3. Upcoming works…
Mentored various Assyrian authors and app publishers in doing corrections and voice-overs for works like Assyrian ABCs and Ishtar Games

Recent Works

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